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YH-G1325 Plasma cutting machine




 Adopt advanced DSP control system which 's special for plasma cutting machine, and use offl ine working mode,  operate in humanization.
 Coreldraw and AutoCAD vector graphics can output directly, no need to convert to other formats.
 It is famous for the stable structure, max running speed is22m/min and max cutting speed is 15m/min.
 It can be used to cut thin metal plate, the thickness is from  0.5mm to 6mm .
 YH-G1325 plasma cutting machine is specially designed for customers who want to cut thin metal plate. Considering that the sheet metal is easy to transmute and change colour when they are cutting, the machine adopts some unique  technics to reach a higher precision cutting effect than common plasma cutting machine. Especially for surface processing on some precious plate, such as galvanized sheet, coating aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, titanium sheet, etc. It is featured with high precision and narrow lance. Also, the cutting edge can maintain the original luster.
 Comparing with laser cutting machine and water jet machine, YH-G1325 plasma cutting machine with a low price, less waste, no need of special gases, which causes it can reach lower cutting cost. In addition, its cutting effi ciency is much higher than laser cutting machine and water jet. So it is the best choice for iron skill and processing metal plate industry and cutting the characters of metal in advertisement, forexample: stainless steel characters and titanium characters.

Applicable materials:

      Be widely used in many industries, such as frame processing of mechanical and electrical products, advertising signs, craft decoration, iron garden, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electrical accessories, plate production and so on.

Technical parameters



Appearance size                                    

2865×1885× 1200mm         

Cutting area


Worktable size


Motion system

Step motor and driver

Plasma power suppl

40A/60A/100A domestic power supply or imported Cutmaster power supply or imported Hypertherm power supply(optional)

Cutting way

High frequency and high pressure  

Applicable materials

Conductive metal such as steel sheet, aluminum sheet, copper sheet, stainless steel sheet,
titanium sheet and so on

Lifetime for nozzle
and electrode

Depends on cutting times about 1000 times

Cutting thickness


Format support 

Depends on the power supply


Transmission system, cutting head, plasma power supply, air compressor, air fillter, nozzle and electrode 

Power supply 


Acceleration speed


 Cutting precision  ≤0.05mm
 Repeat precision   ≤0.05mm
 Working features  Constantly working, computer controling
  Structure  Rack,linear guide rail and dual slider block high  stability and reliability
 Component  Transmission system, frame, cutting head, power supply, air compressor, air fi lter, nozzle and  electrode
 Voltage  Three phase AC380V,50HZ
 Machine power   ≤9KW
 Fuse  30A
 Pressure data  65~75psi/4.5~5.2bar
 Max input pressure :  125psi/8.6bar
 Max cutting speed  15000mm/min


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