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YH-CNC1325 CNC Cutting Machine



Technical Parameters

 X,Y,Z axis travel  1300mm×2500mm×230mm
 Max. Idle speed  50000mm/min
 Max engraving speed  25m/min
 Processing precision  <0.5/300mm
 Spindle motor  3.0KW (Optional)
 Spindle revolving speed  6000-24000rpm
 Tool diameter   Φ2-Φ12.7
 Turn way XY high-precision Gear Rack,Z imported The ball screw 
 XYZ guide rail   Square line guide rail made in Taiwan
 Control system  DSP hand shank
 Working voltage   AC380V,52Hz

Equipment Features

The lathe is welded by thick-walled square pipe,featured with high rigitidy,small deformation,good damping etc.
Reasonable and perfect design,  the ideal choice of the wood working industry.

Application Industry

Apply to advertising, furniture, engraving and cutting of door.



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