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H-G1325C Laser Cutting Machine for Metal



The laser power supply we research and develop independently, be sure to combine with laser tube and 
other components perfectly, to achieve the best cutting  effect.
 Water chiller and air conditioning water chiller are optional, can ensure the machine continuously working long time, and it can be equipped with waterless alarm and automatic protection system, to reduce the loss caused by negligence.
 Adopts DSP and FPGA control system, to ensure the perfect processing effect. It is equipped with USB data interface and large capacity memory, so it can greatly enhance the working effi ciency.
 Automatic smoke exhausting system can start and end automatically according to the software, it not only can ensure perfect effect, but also can save energy.
 LCD with English and Chinese, can increase other language show, it can be more convenient for foreign  customer from all the countries.

Application Industry:

Be used to cut all kinds of metal sheet with high precision, like car, mechanics, precision tube, metal sheet parts and hardware. It also can be  used to process cloth, leather, wood products, plexiglass, acrylic, wool, paper and other non-metal materials


 Laser power 500W~3000W Sealed CO2 laser tube, 200~1000W Fiber laser, or 500W YAG laser (can customized for customers)
 Cutting speed  ≤12000mm/min
 Cutting area  1200×2500mm
 Cooling system Constant-temperature water cooling device special for laser machine
 Power supply  AC220V/50HZ
Positioning  precision  ±0.01mm
 Repeat precision  <0.15mm
 Format support   AI,BMP,PLT,DXF,DST
 Working table   Rack platform
Applicable materials  Plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, plastic, thin metal sheet etc.


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