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YH-G8050 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine


Equipment Features:

The laser power supply we research and develop independently, it guaranttes to combine with laser tube and other components perfectly to achieve the best cutting effect.
 Water pump and water chiller are optional, can ensure engraving and cut t ing effect with high precision. And it can be equipped with waterless alarm and automatic protection  system to reduce the loss caused by human negligence.
 Adopts DSP and FPGA control system, it ensures the perfect processing effect. Equipped with USB data interface and large capacity memory, so it can greatly enhance the  working effi ciency.
 Automatic smoke exhausting system can start and stop automatically according to the software. it not only can ensure perfect effect, but also can save energy.
 LCD with English and Chinese, can increase other language version, it can be more convenient for foreign customer from all the countries.
 Rotary device and honeycomb table are optional for customers.Auxiliary rotary device can be used to engrave the cylinder object and break through the engraving limit of 2 dimension,such as cup,brush pen,musical instrument.
 Optional automatic focus or manual focusing system,it helps customers to solve the focusing problem.

Application Industry:

  It can be used on craft&gift, instrument, advertising decoration, toys, electric appliance, model, paper products industries etc. It can be used to engrave almost all non-metal, such as bamboo, wood, coconut shell, paper, plexiglass, double-colored board, acrylic, marble, granite, jade, crystal etc. And it can be used to engrave cylinder objects, such as cup, pen, brush pot and trophy etc.

Technical Parameters:

 Laser power 50/60W CO2 laser tube or RF metal tube(can customize as customers' request)
 Cutting speed  ≤300mm/s
 Cutting area  800×500mm
 Positioning  precision  ±0.01mm
 Lifting platform  ≤250mm
 Machine power  ≤1200W
 Appearance size  1170×885×1160mm
 Engraving speed  ≤12000mm/s
 Engraving area 720×500mm
 Mini characters  1.5mm English letter
 Format support  AI,BMP,PLT,DXF,DST
 Power supply  AC220V±5%/50HZ
 Structure  detachable type

Rotary Aids:




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