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Laser Marking
Laser Marking Technology
Mark (Mark) when the word signs, carved standard, the depiction of marks, marking, printing, stamps, trademarks, and so synonymous with its meaning: a specific mark logo, which is to say the attribution of things, product manufacturing , Type, class, type, quality, size, time, measurement, detection, audit, inspection, notarization, and so on.

In addition, the modernization of production management from the point of view, "tags" There are a few:
Facilitating the raw materials, semi-finished products, products, product classification, management at different levels, transportation, processing, packaging and testing. In modern industrial production, tons of raw materials, components into a million have mixed (mixed type, such as mixed, mixed level) hard to imagine the consequences when, one by one will not be able to pick them out of the reclassification, classification, Classification.

To facilitate the sale. Consumers would like to "brand-name goods", "quality" and "genuine" is the sales department to die, if only all trademarks, there is no model, there is no hierarchy, no "qualified" and the date of production of goods, it is difficult to sales Out.

User-friendly. There are models, specifications, class, date, the user can easily use their respective properties, such as free medical thermometer scale can not be used.

To prevent counterfeiting. Generally have a good product in accordance with the provisions of the national trademark symbol, including graphics, text, color and so on. In order to prevent counterfeiting, in addition to use of trademarks, but also widely used in mechanical, physical, chemical, electric approach to the marking of the product, such as in the product or packaging bags print a logo on the model, text, special play Tag, cover seal, Seal hit, molded steel convex design, template printing, dyeing and printing text and images, ink-jet printing, rubber rotary India and paste printed cloth, plastic, metal membrane trademarks, in ceramic or glass color burn out Patterns or patterns of chemical corrosion, metal products for corrosion or play word electronic bombardment method or methods of coating pattern with different colors of the plating film, print or suppress the code symbols. Since the laser technology and holographic technology, also used the method described laser tag marked with the letter patterns. Use advanced science and technology is an inevitable tags choice.

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