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China's laser marking technology and the development prospects of the status quo
One. Laser Marking is outlined in the laser welding, laser heat treatment, laser cutting, drilling applications such as laser technology developed a new process technology, is a non-contact, non-polluting, no wear and tear of the new tag technology. In recent years, with the laser to increase the reliability and practicality, combined with the rapid development of computer technology and optical devices to improve and promote the laser marking technology.

Laser Marking the use of high-energy density laser beam on the target, so that the surface of the target of physical or chemical change, which was marked pattern can be seen the way. The high-energy laser beam focus in the materials on the surface, so that the vaporized material rapidly to form a pit. With the laser beam at the surface regularly move at the same time breaking the control of laser, laser beam will be processed in materials on the surface of a specified pattern. Laser Marking and the traditional marker technology has obvious advantages compared to:

     (1) marking speed and writing clear, permanent.

     (2) non-contact processing, pollution, no wear and tear.

     (3) easy to use, strong anti-counterfeiting features.

     (4) be able to run automated high-speed, low cost of production

��. Domestic development of laser target

Laser Marking Equipment is the core of the laser marking control system, the laser is the subject of the development process of marking control system development process. From 1995 to 2003, a short period of 8 years, the control system in the field of laser marking on the experience of the format of the times, to galvanometer mirror of the times and the times, the control method complete software from the direct control of the upper and lower control to Real-time processing, time-multiplexing the evolution of the series and now, semiconductor laser, fiber laser, as well as the emergence of ultraviolet laser and development of optical process control and a new challenge.

1. Large Format times

The so-called large-format, is beginning to control some of the plotters used to direct laser devices, will be off the drawing pen, (0,0) at point X axis, Y axis and the point of the original pen drawings on the location of each installation 45 �� mirror to turn back to the original location of the pen drawing the lower end of the installation of small-focus, for on-road and light so that the beam focus. With direct orders printing graphics software output can run the optical drive, in this way the most obvious advantage is the large format, and can basically meet the relatively low accuracy of the marking requirements do not need special software marking; However, this There is a way of marking the slow speed, low control precision, mechanical arm pen wear, poor reliability, such as bulky shortcomings. As a result, after the first attempt, drawing a ceremony marking the large format laser marking system and gradually withdraw from the market, now the application of the same type of large-format devices are basically imitating the past to control this process, servo motor drive The high-speed large-format system, with the focus on the dynamic three-dimensional galvanometer scanning system to gradually improve, the system will gradually from the large format laser marking disappeared in the area.

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