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Laser Marking Machines categories and selection
1. According to the classification of laser

     1) laser classification

     Lasers are divided into solid-state laser (YAG YAG and YVO4 YVO4), gas lasers (He-Ne laser, CO2 laser) categories.

     �� carbon dioxide (CO2) laser marker with CO2 gas as the activation of the media, launching a 10600nm infrared region of the light waves. Such lasers have two different forms.

     a. Pulsed laser. Mask the use of methods in order to have a short pulse of laser energy or by tags. However, due to a number of tags need to block the view of the different objects, marked changes take a long time.

     b. Continuous laser. Used in the form of light pen, a level only, do not ask for much technology and low cost, simple equipment, but exports of high-energy, high efficiency, is widely used in plastics laser tag printing.

     �� YAG laser marker. Activation of the media is solid, fired a near infrared laser region of 1060nm light, continuous, two-light pen, by changing the output energy, can be of different intensity laser beam. Marking Technology has coking law (dark markings), the foam method (light-colored marker) and ablation (engraving marking), marking an excellent quality.

     �� excimer laser marker. To launch a range of ultraviolet light (100 ~ 400nm), activated by the media, helium, argon, krypton, neon gas and chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine, such as halogen composed of a mixture constituted.

     2) CO2 laser and solid YAG laser marker of distinction

     �� the application of different materials. Because of their different wavelength, carbon dioxide laser marker can only be used for non-metallic materials marking; YAG solid laser marker for both non-metallic materials, marking, but also for marking metal materials.

     �� used different supplies. CO2 laser marker is a major mixed-gas supplies and laser tube and the other is germanium lens wearing parts, the price is more expensive; YAG solid laser marker supplies is the main pumping light (the use of laser-pulse xenon lamps, laser-straight The use of krypton lamp), low price.

     2. According to the laser output in the form of classification

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