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Laser Marking Machine features of the subject to play
Laser Marking Machine because of the special working principle, the traditional way of marking (printing, Penma, electricity and corrosion, etc.), have many advantages;

     1) non-contact processing

     Can be any rules or irregular surface print marking, and marking will not work after the stress;

     2) applies to a wide range of materials

     In metal, plastics, ceramics, glass, paper, leather and so on a different type or print on the hardness of the material;

     3) production line with the integration of other equipment to improve production line automation;

     4), marking a clear, durable, beautiful and effective anti-counterfeiting;

     5) long-and pollution-free;

     6) the cost of running low

     Marking is fast and forming a tag, small power consumption and thus lower operating costs.

     While the laser marker of investment in equipment than the traditional markers of equipment, but running costs, the use of laser marking confidential lower.

     �� plastic transistor marking: marking machine at work 10 / s, if the depreciation of equipment to 5-year period, marking a cost of 0.00048 yuan / month. If the use of printing machines, which cost about running an integrated 0.002 yuan / month, or even higher.

     �� bearing Marking the surface: If the three sub-bearing type, a total of 18 4 of the word, using galvanometer-marking, krypton lamp to the lamp life of 700 hours, each bearing the cost of a comprehensive marking To 0.00915 yuan. The cost Corrosion electric lettering is about 0.015 yuan / month. Annual output to 4,000,000 sets of bearings terms, marking only one, at least 1 year to reduce costs about 65,000 yuan.

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