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Color laser, laser and laser application of the principle
Shanghai-ray machine "photonic technology," International cooperation in the laboratory to open up space for selective laser-induced three-dimensional micro-structure of the new study, based on special selection of doping for the colorless, transparent glass substrate using pulsed laser-induced method, according to the design requirements in Glass succeeded in a three-dimensional laser multi-color patterns. At present, the market's popular glass laser is a laser focus on cracking point of fact, arranged in patterns, which can not be colored. To achieve success in this experiment from full color to the colorless laser laser technology changes have laid a technological basis of the key.

The above-mentioned laboratories to develop technology in the original basic research developed on the basis of. Bairenjihua responsible for the project to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Outstanding Youth Fund project leader Dr. Qiu Jianrong academic leaders for the research group, nearly two years, the selection of laser-induced three-dimensional optical micro-structure of the material that features cutting-edge research, carried out an in-depth system Exploration of research, access to a number of original results, in addition to the outcome of the authority of the international journals, also Nature, Chem. Eng. News magazine made a presentation and so on, and a number of domestic and foreign media (such as Xinhua, China Science and Technology German chemical network, Canada Discovery Channel, Britain and France Materials Today, such as L `Expansion) made a detailed report. This original technology China has applied for patents 4.

The original purpose of the application of innovation. These innovative technologies, the most direct practical application is one of the laser color patterns. The optimum lab in the glass matrix and laser processing and follow-up to optimize the process parameters has done a great deal of study realized the color patterns to choose the color and color control. At present, in a special colorless, transparent doped glass laser in several color patterns. The ultimate aim of researchers is a full color laser laser design and lower costs. To this end, efforts are continuing.

Color laser from the formation of laser micro-zone changes in the structure of materials. When the micro-structure of the line to achieve Optoelectronic degree of integration required by the micro-scale, can be formed with a variety of photo features of the functions of three-dimensional integrated components so as to promote the application of micro-electronics to low-light-level and sub-field . This is the researchers to pursue the application of another goal.

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