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CO2 laser engraving machine maintenance Notes
(1) laser-tube voltmeter there is a direct �� abnormal light guide light fever is commonly found in joint lead-ray tube joint mobilization and the laser is not loaded. Inspection methods: the same optical correction. Exclusion measures: to replace or adjust the light guide section, the optical correction. �� decline in laser power is commonly found in possession of laser aging. Inspection: Check file multimeter voltage regulator with high-pressure form of laser inspection of the tube voltage. To deal with: the replacement of the aging of the laser tube, and to change the damaged components.

(2) laser light does not have the instruction sheet �� voltage power lines are common in the open. And the foot switch to manually switch or bad. Inspection: measuring multimeter. To deal with: to be repaired or replaced. �� voltage fuse common table without instructions off, or have open circuit. Check by measuring multimeter. To deal with: the replacement of fuses or circuit connection. �� power indicator light does not shine off a common fuse, the line into bad, bad light line or have a bad light. Inspection: Check fuse, check into the power lines, check indicator light circuit. To deal with: the replacement of fuses, wire repair and replacement of light. �� burning fuse in a row in common with short-circuit machines, machines and there are serious dirt. Inspection: Richard grade line, for some high-voltage short circuit. To deal with: short-circuit repair, and removal of dirt. �� machine with acoustic or electric arc discharge light plane common with dust, water or air humidity and corrosive gases too. Inspection: in the dark discharge observation point. To deal with: the dust cleared, such as water and replacement of the working environment. �� laser output instability found in the plane, there are bad, there is a small built-in intermittent short circuit point. Inspection: Richard grade line. To deal with: the replacement of lead, re-occlusion welding, cleaning processing
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